He Public notary performs various tasks that are entrusted to it in compliance with the Law, one of which is the certification of signatures corresponding to the parties involved in a contract or agreement, statement, authorization, which, in most cases, is not drafted by The Notary but by the intervening parties themselves.

There are several procedures used by the Public Notary service, in which we can name:

Recognition of signatures in any document to be used in another country, such as: Authorizations of different types (travel, to request documents, etc); Special and General Powers; Fes de Vida or Survivencia; Declared jurisdictions; Records of Domicile; School notes; among others.

Processing of Legalizations (apostille) Processing of Legalizations (apostille the Office of the Secretary of State of Florida, for documents to be used abroad, both for natural persons such as: Birth certificates, Deaths, Marriage and Divorce Certificates, Vehicle Titles, Diplomas, etc. For Corporations: Certificates of Authenticity, Statutes, Annual Reports, etc.

Certified Copies Which can not be obtained by any public or private entity, such as: copies of Identity Documents (passports, id, etc); Operation and Service Contracts; Insurance Policies, registration of shares, and / or any other document.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation made by a translator registered in an Association or guild that groups these professionals, which attest that the professional has the ability to understand the language or languages to perform such translation, with accuracy of the original document.

What is a certified notarized translation?

A certified notarized translation is a translation in which the translator declares and signs in front of a notary that the translation is a faithful and accurate translation of the original document.

Our professionals are able to perform translations of any type of document in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

Interpreter Is that person who communicates a message from one language to another(s) through the voice. It allows to overcome the obstacle of communication between people of different languages immediately. Ideal in negotiation processes and in legal processes.